Yaffa Rosen Grunberg יפה רוזן גרונברג

Nice to Meet You

My name is Yaffa, and I’m a graphic designer who loves bringing your ideas to life. I specialize in presentation design and can transform your content to perfectly align with your company brand and voice.  

When creating a presentation, my goal is to seamlessly blend the visual with a positive end-user experience. This way, your presentation is memorable, impactful, and on-brand!

My experience ranges from freelance clients to in-house graphic artist with companies such as Resource Pro, a B2B company in the insurance industry, and Tamar Lourie Branding & Design, where I had the opportunity to design and create apps, websites, presentations and brochures. I have also served clients in the B2B hi-tech, biotech, and fintech space, always ensuring cutting-edge ideas and design theory. When I worked for Open University, I had free creative reign and created digital collateral for a multitude of projects. I was also an integral part of the creative team tasked to design student courses and transform them into an online course.

I have experience creating different visual collateral, such as eBooks, brochures, case studies, presentations, imagery for blog posts, website icons, and images. My goal is always to ensure the visual design stays within the brand voice while maintaining a high attention to detail. 

I am inspired by nature and love to spend time walking outside to awaken my senses and creativity. I then balance that with my love of baking healthy treats for my friends and family.


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