There is too much wasted food & too many people in need. If only there was an app that could connect the industrial kitchens, catering services, restaurants, etc. to volunteers that could rescue and distribute high-quality, edible food that would otherwise have been discarded. This would be a huge solution to help to aid the less fortunate.


This website was designed as part of a class project. The task was to take a designer & create them a site that is not a catalog. I choose Milton Glaser the graphic designer. Famous for his ‘I ♥ NY’.
This gave me the idea of making the emojis accessible as they have become a ‘spoken’ language. With that in mind I felt an emoji translation website is the key to help keep the older generation connected with millennials, by translating the emojis they receive & having the ability to reply with emojis.

Pantry Chaf

Do you feel like cooking up something different today? You open the fridge but have no ideas what to make. This app will suggest recipes you can cook with the ingredients you have at home.


NORD offers unique food products that are produced using ancient traditional methods, in small and old family companies, that have extremely high nutritional values and that support health and quality of life.