UI Design

Food Donation Collaboration App

The Kitchen
UI/UX Designer


This app was designed with a social thought in mind: optimally distributing wasted food to the people in need. If only there was an app that could connect industrial kitchens, catering services, restaurants, etc. to volunteers who could rescue and distribute high-quality, edible food that would otherwise have been discarded. This would be a huge solution to assist the less fortunate.


There is too much wasted food in the world and there are too many people in need. If there was a way to link volunteers with numerous big companies with cafeterias, wedding halls, etc., food could be saved and given to those in need. The problem is that dealing with food is time-sensitive; it spoils. Moreover, it is very important to respect volunteers’ time and not turn their kindness into a burden. Optimization in this regard requires a database that can map out the people's time preferences and locations. When putting together such a database, it is important to keep in mind the user experience to make sure they don't get frustrated and shut the app when they see the info required from them.


There is a need for an app that would be able to best utilize a community of volunteers. It would include all the information needed to have it work with the volunteers’ daily/weekly schedules. In order to ensure users don’t abandon the app before starting to fill out all the info, I research different products to help create a 'fun' user-friendly, multi-step form that would ease the experience.