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Nord started importing nutritious food produced in Scandinavian countries. They offer unique Norwegian foods that are produced using ancient traditional methods. Norwegian foods have extremely high nutritional values and support good health and quality of life.​


Nord was starting up a new business and needed a website to boost sales. Norwegian products are foreign to the Israeli customer. As a new business we needed to create branding and a digital presence.

Focus points:
– Are they trustworthy?
– What is their added value?
– What makes them special?

There are so many food stores out there. This site needs to have an added value in addition to the sales aspect.


On this site I worked from scratch. I needed to research the market and establish a design system, create icons, layout, and flow. I needed to ensure the site had added value so that it would stand out. It became not just a sales platform, but also helped users understand the nutritional value of Nordic foods, with recipes and blog posts. The Nord identity brand incorporates a clean Scandinavian look and feel combined with images of people enjoying the Nordic lifestyle and diet.