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This website was designed as part of a class project. The task was to take a designer and create for them a site that is not a catalog. I chose Milton Glaser, the graphic designer best known for his ‘I ♥ NY’ creation.
This gave me the idea of making the emojis accessible, as they have become a ‘spoken’ language. With that in mind, and after some research, I felt there was a need for an emoji translation website. This is a key to help keep the older generation connected with millennials: Having a website translating emojis they receive, and having the ability to reply with emojis.​


Teens these days communicate via messaging, where a big percentage of time they use emojis instead of words. The older generation wants to keep in touch with their kids and grandkids, but have difficulty understanding the emoji 'language'. It's embarrassing to ask for an explanation, or if they misinterpret the message.​​


The older generation needs an emoji translator to keep in touch, so I created it. The format must be self-explanatory and user-friendly with simple, clean, minimalistic design. Translation must be bidirectional, both defining incoming emojis and translating text back into emojis. The site offers added value with a 'Wheel of Fortune'-inspired game. There is also a learning section that operates like a dictionary.